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Upgrade and reconstruction of measure system

It makes whole measuring engine upgrade modern level through equipping most advanced measure and control system with latest measure software; meanwhile, the cost is only 1/4-1/3 of buying new machine.

Calibration service

It can make your measuring engine keep high precision through periodic calibration and modification that also guarantees reliability of measuring.

Special software

LEADER has strong capacity to develop software and has much special software for option including lamina measuring software, cam measuring software and screw thread measuring software; moreover, the company can design special software system for clients.

Contract service

High level periodic maintenance guarantees creditable operation and extends service life of measuring engine.

Skill training and communication

Users can enhance testing skill through professional training; meanwhile, users can enhance capacity of solving difficult problems through periodic conference for users to communicate operation experience.

Testing and program service

Skillful software and application engineers of LEADER will offer you testing program of difficult parts or technology guide momentarily.

Abundant spare parts

The company offers abundant spare parts of measuring engine and point gauge supply that guarantees enough supply for users.

Special clamp

The company can offer clients soft multi-function clamps that can simplify your measuring technology and enhance measuring efficiency and precision.

Internet long-distance service

The company offers clients excellent service through Internet that can save your money and time. The company can finish many procedures online including submitting questions, technology support, software upgrade and technology training and so on.

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