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SF575Workshop Type CMM

Technical features:

1) The workshop-type CMM SF575 is a high-performance workshop-type measuring machine that does not require an air supply.

2) Equipped with a full set of protective covers and dust covers, suitable for use in complex workshop environments.

3) High accuracy measurement in a temperature range of 15-30°C, ideal for use in a wide range of shop floor temperatures;

4) Cantilever construction with openings on three sides for excellent openness, very convenient for loading and unloading and programming operations.

5) The control cabinet is integrated into the machine base, reducing the footprint and making it very easy to move around the workshop.

6) Optional temperature sensors are available.

7) Optional automation software and hardware interfaces are available.

8) Optional vibration dampers are available.


MODELOVERALL SIZEPART SIZESCALE3D Max Speed3D Max Accelerate SpeedTemperature sensorPART WEIGHTREPEATABLE ACCURACY18℃-22℃16℃-26℃15℃-30℃
SLX:1273mm LY:1505mm LZ:2470mm500mm×700mm×500mmOne end is fixed and the other end is flexible500mm/s800mm/S²Workpiece sensor500KG1.53.0+3L/10003.0+L/2503.0+L/2003.0

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