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Qingdao leader CNC measuring equipment Co. Ltd. as China's well-known three coordinate supplier for users supporting the use of the famous American three coordinate software RATIONAL DMIS. At the same time, we also provide our new and old customers to provide value-added services such as software upgrade.

Rational DMIS is three coordinate measuring software world famous, has the following characteristics:

Research and development advantage

Nearly 28 years of software development experience three coordinate

Excellent development team, before a variety of research and development of three axis software

Developing new function of speed, I++, REVO, RTP20, PH20 is a global leader in implementation and support

The rapid processing of customer problems, the ability to develop strong, fast response, many existing features, are reasonable suggestions OEM manufacturers or end-users proposed, we study the implementation after approval within short time, flexible

Brand advantage

Pure software company, global sales of more than 11000 sets, of which the Chinese market has nearly 6000 sets, and increase annually by 1000 sets of speed:

Almost all large enterprises are using the External-Array software

General Dynamics, General Electric, Corning, Xerox Corporation, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Siemens, Turbocam, TRW Automotive, Northrop Grumman, ABB Inc... .

The domestic part of the customer:

SAIC Motor, Changchun FAW, Geely Automobile, Shanghai Baosteel, Sany, Cheng Fei (Chengdu aircraft factory), China Railway Electrification Bureau Group, Wuhan Heavy Machine Group (heavy machine tool), solid high-tech, Chunfeng holding, Chongqing gear factory, liming engine...

Part of the school of customers:

Some schools: Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, the user of Guangzhou technical school, South China Agricultural University, the national defense science and technology Anhui Agriculture University University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Anhui University Of Science And Technology, Anhui University of Technology, Chongqing University, Beijing Electronic Science & Technology Vocational College, Beijing University of Technology, and Guangzhou electrical technician college, Foshan senior technical school...

Become one of the preferred software international transformation machine Market

In the past four years, developed a new image composite software, as a complementary detection market, broaden the testing products and market.