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  • Testing solutions for the new energy vehicle industry

    In order to save energy and reduce emissions and develop a low-carbon economy, China has started to promote the development of new energy vehicles. With the rise of the new energy vehicle industry, consumers are putting more and more demands on new energy vehicles. Leighton provides solutions for the manufacturing and testing of new energy vehicles to ensure the high quality and efficiency of their products and to speed up product updates and iterations.

    Testing solutions for the new energy vehicle industry

  • Inspection solutions for the aerospace industry

    After years of deep industry experience, Leighton offers a range of solutions for the aerospace industry, with technological enhancements in the measurement of products such as profiles, blades and turbochargers, to achieve high precision and high efficiency measurement solutions for products.

    Inspection solutions for the aerospace industry

  • 3C industry testing solutions

    The 3C industry is an information appliance industry that combines three major technology products: computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. 3C industry has the characteristics of short life cycle, continuous cost reduction and flexible global transportation, etc. Riding on the footsteps of the digital era, 3C industry has gradually developed into a worldwide emerging technology industry, which is currently the most rapidly developing and frequently changing industry. Leighton's new generation of automated production line inspection solutions for the 3C industry use robots to load and unload workpieces centrally, loading multiple products at one time to meet batch inspection, automatically discharging qualified products and individually re-measuring defective products. The measurement report is automatically generated and uploaded after the measurement is completed. This enables unmanned production, except for pick and place material.

    3C industry testing solutions

  • Medical industry

    With the advancement of human health, the medical industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The selection of medical devices is becoming more and more advanced, their product structure is constantly being adjusted, their functions are more diversified and their market capacity is expanding. Leighton offers a wide range of testing solutions for medical devices and complex medical components, safeguarding them in the design and production of products and other aspects.

    Medical industry